Wood Pallets

No matter your intended application, the Townley Lumber Company's crew can manufacture custom wood pallets to meet your exact specifications. By combining our long family history of manufacturing with computer-aided design, your pallets will be built precisely the way you want them in will arrive perfect condition. We know this because we own our own logistics company as an added layer of security for all customers. All of our wooden pallets meet the set requirements for strength and durability, having been heat treated and then dipped in a special solution for mold prevention. Thanks to our extensive in-house lumber inventory, we can accommodate your volume requirement needs and deliver to your location when you need them. At any given time, we have at least fifteen truck loads of logs in inventory. For more information on our custom or normal pallet manufacturing process, contact Townley Lumber by phone or submit a contact form.

Wood Chips

As part of our commitment to using 100 percent of every tree we process, we proudly supply clean, bark-free, paper-grade pine and hardwood wood chips of consistent shapes and sizes. From our facility in Henderson, Texas, Townley Lumber produces the finest quality wood chips within our carefully controlled environment. The wood chips we offer are exceptional for the production of paper, particleboard, wood pulp, fiberboard, and fuel. As the demand from businesses and consumers alike grows for quality wood chips, so too does our commitment to supplying them. For more information on our pine and hardwood wood chips, contact us today.

Saw Dust

Previously seen only as waste, saw dust has quickly become recognized for its myriad uses for heat, power, and other applications. As a green facility dedicated to utilizing the entire tree, Townley Lumber provides bulk saw dust supply for a wide variety of purposes, including particleboard, industrial fillers, wood pulp, mulch, litter, liquid absorption, traction control, and clean fuel. Ready to place an order for a load of our quality saw dust? Contact the Townley Lumber crew today to discuss your options.

in-house Logistics

Save time and money by having our in-house logistics company deliver your hardwood and pine pallets, wood chips, or saw dust directly to your location. We never outsource our lumber delivery services – no matter the size of your purchase or the complexity of your order, we provide timely trucking delivery services from our East Texas location at an affordable price. Whether you need a one-time delivery for your jobsite or need to create a recurring on-time delivery of custom pallets, our modern fleet of reliable delivery trucks can get the job done. To request delivery by our logistics department on your next order, contact Townley Lumber today.

Heat Treatment Facility

All of our exceptional quality pine and hardwood pallets are assembled at our location, ensuring the best quality and consistency. Our established but updated facility enables a wide range of customization, including paint selections, chamfered deck boards, clipped corners, and banding at a small charge depending on your needs.  On part of the process that we are super proud of is our state of the art heat treatment facility. The heat treatmen facility is built into the ground so that the pallets can be completely submerged in solution for treatment. This ensures your pallets are safe and sturdy for the long haul, as well as equipped to fight mold after being dipped in a mold prevention solution. Our special heat treatment process allows us to treat dozens of wood pallets at a time.

Six-month pricing packages

Our clients receive guaranteed six-month pricing packages with the assurance of 30-day written notices prior to any price increase. We also offer immediate price decreases dependent on market conditions, as well as 1-percent 10-day early pay discounts or Net 30. In case of emergency, we also provide warehousing of pallet inventories at our huge facility for our valued customers.

If you have questions about our quality hardwood and pine pallet manufacturing and logistics services, contact a representative from the Townley Lumber team today.