Family Owned & Operated since 1943

Townley Lumber Company is a family owned and operated business built on strong values, dedication to family, hard work and integrity. We’ve been in business for 78 years, constantly pursuing our goal to produce the highest quality wooden pallets and other wood products and offer quick, dependable service for our customers.

Our operation is located in the heart of East Texas' timberland in a small town called Henderson. We're fully equipped with a wide range of high quality equipment and are working to make our lumber yard GREEN by the end of 2020. Thanks to our two high volume sawmills and our three Viking Automatic Nailing Machines, onsite mold treatment facility, and heat treatment facility, we provide a comprehensive array of personalized pallets and we have our own logistics company so we can ensure your pallet order is delivered on time.


At Townley Lumber Company in Henderson, Texas, we have our very own private fleet of commercial transportation equipment. This includes tractor trailers, flat beds and dry van trailers and store a massive, year-round raw material inventory – including over 1,800 truckloads of pine and hardwood logs. Thanks to our Baker, Brewer, and McDonough lumber processing equipment and vast inventory, we can provide our customers with custom manufacturing based on their specifications, to create an uninterrupted wooden pallet supply stream.

Our workforce of 140+ employees proudly adheres to Texas OSHCON Voluntary Industrial Safety Compliance guidelines as we produce 15 truckloads of pine and hardwood pallets every day. We also provide additional services including the sale of clean wood chips and fuel to our clients as well as contracting services.

For more information on Townley Lumber Company or our fully customizable products for hardwood and pine pallets in East Texas, contact us and we'll be happy to talk!